Thursday, 15 December 2016

Teacherworkshops @ Goethe-Institut Prag - producing Songs in German lessons with the smartphone and Ipad

In Prague we organized the first time 2 Teacher workshops and 2 school workshops and my aim was to teach and develop with the teachers a strategy to produce an entire song with the tablet or smart phone in a German school lesson. The teachers where very motivated and some of them even created their own strategies to implement mobile technology in their classroom.

With the students in the schools we wrote a German pop song text and produced afterwards 2 songs recorded only with the Ipad. Here is the quite amazing result what is possible in 2 hours of workshop:

Ipadsong 1: "unsere Schule ist keine Coole" (weder Spüle noch Rettungsmodule)

Ipadsong 2: "Schau aus dem Fenster, Du alter Gängster"