Friday, 1 July 2016

Goethe-Institut Australia Song

finally the Australia song is finished, the students in school decided to do a song about Aboriginals and equality in their country. It was really not easy to make a POPsong about that, but like always we managed it. This time with a little help from the teachers also. 

"wir sind alle gleich" (we are all the same, closing the gap) 
 Here some Infos about the Tour and the teachers workshops:

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Video of our concert in Breslau "sexy fixi" @ Goethe-Institut Pop Up Pavillion

is driving the bicycle maybe the future of Europe? We are very happy to release a new live Video from our Gig in Poland @ the Goethe-Institut Pop-Up Pavillion in Breslau, Wroclaw, European Capital of Europe 2016. It was very special, notz only because Carsten´s Grandfather originally came from there, it was also the first Institut FATIMA live concert since 4 Years and we didn´t really rehearsed like always.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Concert and Workshops in Breslau, European capital of culture 2016
We will present a school workshop in Breslau, record samples in German and polish and mash the whole thing up in a big Institut FATIMA concert at the Pop Up Pavillion.
Find all infos about the concert on the Homepage of the Goethe-Institut Poland

The day after, we will do a public workshop for 4 hours on the street:
Institut FATIMA Workshop Goethe Institut Breslau 2016