Thursday, 15 December 2016

Teacherworkshops @ Goethe-Institut Prag - producing Songs in German lessons with the smartphone and Ipad

In Prague we organized the first time 2 Teacher workshops and 2 school workshops and my aim was to teach and develop with the teachers a strategy to produce an entire song with the tablet or smart phone in a German school lesson. The teachers where very motivated and some of them even created their own strategies to implement mobile technology in their classroom.

With the students in the schools we wrote a German pop song text and produced afterwards 2 songs recorded only with the Ipad. Here is the quite amazing result what is possible in 2 hours of workshop:

Ipadsong 1: "unsere Schule ist keine Coole" (weder Spüle noch Rettungsmodule)

Ipadsong 2: "Schau aus dem Fenster, Du alter Gängster"

Friday, 11 November 2016

Goethe-Institut Krakau Tournee Part 2

Our second Tour with the Goethe-Institut Krakau. This time we had a special mission: The participants of the school workshops selected their own subject our Tour song should be about: "EUROPE".
So we travelled 14 Days through the south of Poland and wrote altogether a kind of love song about Europe and recorded it in the classroom. The result is amazing. The students where singing so beautiful and good that it nearly sounds like a professional recording, hopefully this songs gets spread all over Europe: Poland 12 Points!

"Wir sind Euopa" (We are Europe):

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Institut FATIMA interactive curates music children Museumproject in Germany

Institut FATIMA was asked to develop an interactive music instllation for a wellknown Children Science Center in the south of Germany. 2 prototypes are developed: 1 machine, with which children can produce songs on multitouch interfaces without any help magically and the other one is a 3d Kinect modell, where the visitors can make music with their body through 3d tracking.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Goethe-Institut Australia Song

finally the Australia song is finished, the students in school decided to do a song about Aboriginals and equality in their country. It was really not easy to make a POPsong about that, but like always we managed it. This time with a little help from the teachers also. 

"wir sind alle gleich" (we are all the same, closing the gap) 
 Here some Infos about the Tour and the teachers workshops:

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Video of our concert in Breslau "sexy fixi" @ Goethe-Institut Pop Up Pavillion

is driving the bicycle maybe the future of Europe? We are very happy to release a new live Video from our Gig in Poland @ the Goethe-Institut Pop-Up Pavillion in Breslau, Wroclaw, European Capital of Europe 2016. It was very special, notz only because Carsten´s Grandfather originally came from there, it was also the first Institut FATIMA live concert since 4 Years and we didn´t really rehearsed like always.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Concert and Workshops in Breslau, European capital of culture 2016
We will present a school workshop in Breslau, record samples in German and polish and mash the whole thing up in a big Institut FATIMA concert at the Pop Up Pavillion.
Find all infos about the concert on the Homepage of the Goethe-Institut Poland

The day after, we will do a public workshop for 4 hours on the street:
Institut FATIMA Workshop Goethe Institut Breslau 2016