Saturday, 26 October 2013

Brasil Song

This song we recorded for the Goethe-Institut Sao Paulo with some students from a school workshop in Vitoria and some Kids at the KulturTour Truck

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kulturtour Brasil 2013 with a big truck

Carsten was travelling september and october Brasil 
with the Project "KulturTour" from the Goethe-Institut 
Sao-Paulo and Bugalow in cooperation with the german 
exterior state department and the cultural department 
of brasil. It was a big project with a huge truck travelling 
through 17 cities of Brasil with a library and stage and german 
cinema showings in the evenings.  We could participate with 
Institut FATIMA 4 weeks with 2 interactive Installations: 
one was the Reacball, a football, that is making music over 
cameratracling, the other the REACorch, a big orchestra, 
made of papercards that trigger midi-instuments through 
a simple webcam. We also did some Workshops for some 
PASCH-schools. Here some Fotos 
and Videos from this amazing trip.

here a video from what was going on at the Truck:

and above a video of our Installation the Reac-Orchester, an 
interactive orchester where the audience can play real instruments 
with big cards beeing recognized by the webcam of the computer: