Monday, 21 May 2012

Rebel Phonk

This was a blast! We played on this year's Rebel Phonk Festival. A rave in a cottage near Girona. We had a bit trouble getting there, the card that B. wanted to give us got it's windows smashed in the night before we went, so we had to find someone to carry us. Luckily we found Jasmin who took us along in her Range Rover, together with DJ Nicenoise. Nice ride!

Once we got there we met Monne, one of the organizers. Well, when will we play and where? Answer: "Main stage, headliner". Whow. When is that? "Tomorrow morning at 10". Errrrr....
OK, in the end we played during the night, great sound and amzing gig. in the middle of the concert the energy broke down, after some great investigations after 15 minutes power came back and we all danced our asses offf. Also great DJs, we enjoyed it a lot, rebel phonk really rocks! Party never stopped. Here a short video that I shot at 12:30 on sunday: They continued to dance until 5 pm.

Those people know how to party!!