Thursday, 29 April 2010

29.05.2010 SitZ en el CCB

During the last months we have been working on the score for another dance-piece by Angela Lamprianidou. It's called "SitZ" and the three dancers are dancing in a seated position most of the time. Lots of work for us, as the whole piece is like 500 hours long. We wrote several dozens of great poptunes, but the choreographer didn't like them and asked for abstract minimal electroacoustic noise. No problem for us, we filled several harddisks with screeches, blobs, mangle-dangled-opera and other obscenities. Tonight the whole thing will have a first stage test in the centro Civico de Barceloneta, and on the 9h of may it will get presented in the Mercat de les Flors (the biggest modern-dance-venue in Barcelona).
Above a video-excerpt from the rehearsals.