Friday, 10 December 2010

9.12.2010 Bicycle Film Festival

We play on the opening of the BicycleFilmFestival Barcelona - in the very nice shop PINZAT in the Borne neighbourhood. Lots of Beer, people standing in the rain, bicycle-art on the walls and later a Fixie-Bike gets unwrapped and outboxed and built. Whow, see yourself:

Friday, 26 November 2010

oferta de navidad: Taller/Workshop Ableton Live @ Hangar


Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40
Can Ricart
E-08018 Barcelona

precio  100 euros.

inscripción: click aqui

En el taller mostraremos todas las funciones de Ableton Live, mostramos como producir un tema desde el principio hasta el final, como trabajar con temas o muestras de audio grabados, como pinchar música con Live, como crear tus propios midi instrumentos, como utilizar los efectos de Live para directos, y mucho mas.

Habrá proyector, altavozes, una selección de controladores-midi, micrófonos, tarjetas de sonido etc. para probar y experimentar. (el taller dispone de un CD para cada participante que contiene Live-Sets con ejemplos, samples y presets, vst´s y mucho mas para poder empezar a producir directamente.

Para mas información y inscripción contactanos en

Friday, 29 October 2010

29.10.2010 Freedonia: Better than the pope

Foto: Veronica Elizondo
First time playing the Freedonia - a nice little theatre/bar/hangout in the deepest Raval. Dr Apfel reads and plays, first a stunning presentation of his Roadmap, then a couple of his lovely songs. Later ee play our set, and for the first time since years: We DJ! People dancing until the club closes. Whow, we had a good time!
Foto: Jan Koeppen

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

sat. 2nd oct 2010 Music Hack Day

Fotos: Alexandra Varela

Owen of the fantastic band Barcelona Bakalao is one of the organizers of the Music Hack Day Barcelona, and he invited us to play on that event. What a pity that we did not have time to participate in some of the workshops (especially the one about the rgb-arduinome, that's something we want to have!!!). But anyway, saturday night we rocked the campus. We played a stunning cover of Still loving you by the Scorpions, offered some meditation advice for the world and made a lot of noise. Uyuyuy.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ableton Live Workshop with Institut FATIMA (2./3. October)

So we give another workshop on the music-production software Ableton Live. It's for beginners, but also interesting for everyone who already knows a bit. Location is our favorite Gallery-Concert-Venue-Workspace-Factory - the NIU in Poble Nou. Check the link for details and inscription:

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

26 of June 2010: Girasolfest!

Wonderful small festival out in the countryside, we played together with a whole set of friends: N'Sista, Arbo, Equipo, Ferando Lagreca, Frozen Radio, David Apfel - basically all the people that play a lot at the NIU. Tremendous full moon, a horse dancing to our horse song, swimming pool, a theremin-love-machine. Perfect!!!!! Hope to be there next year again!!!!
The video shows a moment of the afternoon right before the concerts started. Everyone was supposed to plant some sunflowers and the string duo played some Thelemann and Bach to chill in.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

12 june 2010 Sidecar Barcelona

Supported by our friends DubÜten (see above), a rocky night at Barcelonas Rockclub par excellence. Unfortunately without visuals this time, but there was not enough space anyways. And it was good to see that our music works without visuals as well. And we can play guitars!!!

3 / 4 / 5 june 2010 the reacball instalation @ Convent San Agusti

so they push buttons and we move slowly!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1. of June 2010: Classe Sense Fum

We played at the Cosmocaixa on an event from the Generalitat: Classe Sense Fum - Class without smoke. They honored 12 year old kids for not smoking. We did a blasting show and had lots of kids dancing on stage. Fun!

Monday, 3 May 2010

TV-feature from Walkie-Talkie-Films

beautiful picnic yesterday

(foto: Helena Acosta, gracias!)

4 and a half hour of music with Institut FATIMA yesterday. and although on the foto it appears as if we were alone - there were lots of people. Thank you for coming! 

Saturday, 1 May 2010

02.05.2010 Das verlorene Paradies

It must be like a year ago, or even more, that Hangar's Ignacio Somovila asked us to play on an event that he is planning. It would be a picnic in the new park of Poble Nou (pictured above). The picinic-event is part of an exposition called "Paradís perdut" that opened this week in the civic centre Can Felipa. Well tomorrow, sunday 2nd of may we will play 4 hours of ambien music, cumbiatronics, laptopdelica and friendly noise in the park. If it doesn't rain (and it doesn't look too good, ay).

Thursday, 29 April 2010

29.05.2010 SitZ en el CCB

During the last months we have been working on the score for another dance-piece by Angela Lamprianidou. It's called "SitZ" and the three dancers are dancing in a seated position most of the time. Lots of work for us, as the whole piece is like 500 hours long. We wrote several dozens of great poptunes, but the choreographer didn't like them and asked for abstract minimal electroacoustic noise. No problem for us, we filled several harddisks with screeches, blobs, mangle-dangled-opera and other obscenities. Tonight the whole thing will have a first stage test in the centro Civico de Barceloneta, and on the 9h of may it will get presented in the Mercat de les Flors (the biggest modern-dance-venue in Barcelona).
Above a video-excerpt from the rehearsals.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

El futbol es mejor que la guerra

Institut FATIMA propone:

Barca lo gana todo. ¿Por qué entonces no mandamos el equipo azulgrana a Afghanistan para conquistar los Talibanes?
El fútbol es mejor que la guerra. En vez de hacer canciones protesta vamos a remezclar el próximo partido Barca contra Madrid.

Y vosotros: En vez de mirar el partido en la tele en casa os invitamos a este evento que cruza los dos logros máximos de nuestra querida Barcelona: El fútbol y la videodanza.


Institut FATIMA (música), el Videoartista Pixel y el comentarista DJ Scooby Dub (una mitad del fantástico DubDuo DubÜTen)

Sabado 10 de Abril, a partir de las 22 hs, NIU.

Entrada libre.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Saturday 10.04.2010 Barca Madrid

Want to see some spanish football in a Fatima-style? Yes, you can. Looks as if we go back to our roots and will remix again the grand game: Barca - Madrid on saturday, at 22:00 hs at the NIU, Poble Nou, live remix, with VJ Pixel in fact, comentarista Zimi (of Dub_Üten) and Institut FATIMA dropping beats and echoes.