Monday, 7 December 2009

Video from Balconitis - 05.12.2009

This was a wonderful event - five groups playing on the balconies of the Placa Comerc de San Andreu. Josep, thank you so much for inviting us

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Video from Antic goes electric

Nice video with interview from last week friday's concert at the Antic Teatr.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

27.11.2009 Artificial Brain at Antic Teatr Barcelona

Fotos: Jean Benoit Kaufmann -

see all the great fotos here :

First live-concert with our artificial brain! We had developed it during summer, by using some science we found on the internet and some material we found at the chino and elsewhere. It's powered by a fruit-battery and it can speak. Most of the time it's hard to understand, but it works. Last friday our concert-as-proof-of-concept. We got invited to play the antic teatr, this beutiful underground-location in the heart of Barcelona. After an opening with Climnoizer (Berlin/Italy) playing a rubbergum-bassguitar and Carlas playing a mindblowing set on the reactable we started against all technical odds (equipment not working during soundcheck, the brain being unconfortable at this place, the audience talking about masturbation, etc.). And it rocked. The brain spoke to the audience. We played with our new launchpads. And then, suddenly David Apfel crawled on stage for a blasting performance of "Impossible".

This piece of music plus presentation of state-of-the-art-science-poetry never got performed so well. David waas wired, really (see it on the photo above). The audience did feel the pain. And suddenly everything worked together and the walls started to shake. Yes, so war das.
And in the end we sat down and everyone smiled.