Saturday, 21 February 2009

We teach!

You would like to learn how to convert your laptopcomputer into a musical robot that makes music with his eye? You want to shake your arms and the music goes wild? We will show you how!
Institut FATIMA is giving a free workshop next month in the Barcelona Civic Centre PuntMultimedia (where we just played, see post below). We are going to give a introduction into reacTIVision and OSCulator, two applications that we use to remotely control the sound and music during our shows. reacTIVision is the tracking engine of the famous reacTable, invented at the Barcelona University Pompeu Fabra. With Institut FATIMA we have explored some of the many possibilities to use that application. We used it for an interactive instllation we once showed at the Sonar Festival, we used it for some funny instruments we built ourselves (the reacBall for example), and we use it during concerts to trigger stuff.
OSCulator is a program written by french programmer and musician Camille Trouillard that allows to convert messages from all kinds of controllers into MIDI. It's a great tool when you want to use gamecontrollers as the WIImote to control your music. We found some clever ways to integrate it into an Ableton-Live-Set.
All of this will be presented, explained and demonstrated on 28th of march at the Puntmultimedia, in the middle of the beautiful little park beside the Sants-TRainstation. . And after the workshop there will be a gathering of brazilian DJs and VJs. If you want to come, check out all infos here and write a mail for inscription to

And for everyone interested in an introduction into ableton live: We do that again on three tuesday afternoons at the NIU - check out here.