Monday, 7 December 2009

Video from Balconitis - 05.12.2009

This was a wonderful event - five groups playing on the balconies of the Placa Comerc de San Andreu. Josep, thank you so much for inviting us

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Video from Antic goes electric

Nice video with interview from last week friday's concert at the Antic Teatr.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

27.11.2009 Artificial Brain at Antic Teatr Barcelona

Fotos: Jean Benoit Kaufmann -

see all the great fotos here :

First live-concert with our artificial brain! We had developed it during summer, by using some science we found on the internet and some material we found at the chino and elsewhere. It's powered by a fruit-battery and it can speak. Most of the time it's hard to understand, but it works. Last friday our concert-as-proof-of-concept. We got invited to play the antic teatr, this beutiful underground-location in the heart of Barcelona. After an opening with Climnoizer (Berlin/Italy) playing a rubbergum-bassguitar and Carlas playing a mindblowing set on the reactable we started against all technical odds (equipment not working during soundcheck, the brain being unconfortable at this place, the audience talking about masturbation, etc.). And it rocked. The brain spoke to the audience. We played with our new launchpads. And then, suddenly David Apfel crawled on stage for a blasting performance of "Impossible".

This piece of music plus presentation of state-of-the-art-science-poetry never got performed so well. David waas wired, really (see it on the photo above). The audience did feel the pain. And suddenly everything worked together and the walls started to shake. Yes, so war das.
And in the end we sat down and everyone smiled.

Friday, 13 November 2009

12 & 13 of November: Rocking the schoolhouse

4 concerts in two days, for the youngest audience we had up until now: Institut FATIMA played for a school in San Agusti de Guadalix. We got invited to do some "conciertos didacticos" by the music-teacher of this school. They do concerts every year for the kids between 5 and 11 years, and after last years concert of middle-age-folk-music they wanted to offer something from the 21st century. So we adapted some of our songs, traduced them into spanish and made lyrics for the kids, and we invited our friend Marisol to come with us - as she is working as a clown for children theatre. It turned out very well. Very, very well. 200 kids shouting for an encore is a real kick! We had such a good experience that we really want to carry on doing shows for kids.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

totally forgotten:

"Institut Fàtima, una de las propuestas más osadas de esta edición del Sònar...
Guy Debord
...grandes cantidades de consumidores que se narcotizan en condiciones de control absoluto".

hä? read full interview here

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Make music with your brain!

This video is showing us what was possible in 2005 already. We got it from here. Institut FATIMA is taiking it to the next stage. More here soon.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Optamos por el futuro (interview with

¿Cómo creen que será la técnica audiovisual en 10 años? ¿Qué instrumento o Software inventarían?
"Habrá más instrumentos que son capaces de componer e improvisar. Las máquinas aprenden a escuchar y entender. Y habrá interfaces que conecten directamente con el cerebro.
También habrá sistemas de sonido que harán posible que se oiga música en un lugar específico sin que se escuche algo alrededor, así que no molestas a los vecinos. Habrá pianos para zurdos. Guitarras para ciegos y trompetas para muertos. Pero nadie se va a interesar mas por la música, es un género del pasado. En el futuro todos van a mirar fútbol en 3D y comer patatas fritas con vitaminas."

¿qué es lo que les gusta de participar en eventos masivos?
"tocar en el Sonar era más un sueño que se ha hecho realidad, con la diferencia que en el sueño las bebidas eran gratis."

More here . More on the photo above, soon ...

Monday, 31 August 2009

Flussi was great!

Great days in Avellino, Italy (just found out that this is the town where Tony Soprano's family comes from). We showed our reacBall installation, up there on the photo you see Carsten explaining it to someone. We made friends with some very nice people that played there. Yagama and Karol from bulgaria, Andrea Sartori and Fabio Orsi from Berlin, Italy, Christian Kleine from Ableton/Main and many more. Hope to see you all again some day!! Lots of fotos from the festival on the myspace of Phorm here .

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Next stop: Italy, Avellino, 26-30 of august 2009

Institut FATIMA will participate at the Flussi Fetival in Avellino, Italy. We will exhibit our reacBall-system, and maybe play a concert or do a surprise-performance on the festival.

26.07.2009 DJs contra la fam

DJs contra la Fam invited us to play on this year's festival.Beautiful open air venue on the Gloreis Encants market. Unfortunately Carsten couldn't make it to the concert (he had a broken neck from a horrible car crash, but now he is better). Paul played the gig with some support from Apfel. On the photo you can see a levitation-experiment that took place during the concert.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Das reacBall System on Sonarmàtica

Video of people playing with our installation on the Sonarmàtica-exhibition. Sorry for the bad quality of the sound, I shot this with my photocamera. Anyway, those guys had a good time rocking the ball, and they were able to make some gabber-techno with it that we didn't have in mind when we programmed the set up. It was nice to see how people used the system on the exhibition - some were quite clueless, but had fun trying. Others got really into it (maybe they had read the instructions?).

Saturday, 20 June 2009

first fotos sonar festival concert

Sonarventanica in "my beautiful parking"

Above some photos from the concert we did tonight at my beautiful parking for the fix or die-crowd, those people that drive bikes without gears and brakes. We sat in the window and sung until the police came. and then just a little bit more. Watch the video below ...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sunday, 14 June 2009


We are preparing our activities on the sonar 2009 festival. On thursday, 18th, we play a concert at 21 hs on the sonarkomplex-stage. On the exhibition (Sonarmàtica) we will display the reacBall, that short time ago also was featured in the CreateDigitalMusic-blog.
On friday 19th we will play a little set on national radio RNE3, at 18hs approximately. And on saturday, 20th, we will do a Cumbia set at the bikeshop "My beautiful parking" (to be confirmed). Lots of work, we will try our best.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Big in Japan? . Japaenese Blogs mentioning us? How come? Well, we had made a funny video of das reacBall, put it on youtuben and it got picked up by the CreateDigitalMusic-blog. And of course, next day people put it on their blogs all over the world. Great!! If you like the idea of a football controller and want to try it: The reacBall will be on display at the Sonarfestival in three weeks. Right now we are working on some other set-ups of sample-sets for it, some funny stuff is definetly possible.

Friday, 1 May 2009


OK, now we have T-shirts for sale. Just contact us at institutfatima (at) gmail or come to one of our concerts. Look, Luca printed them yesterday while we played.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

30.04.2009 Camiseta gratis

In Walpurgisnacht (thursday 30th of april) we play a concierto at the opening festivities of the Gracia based Shop Que enfieste la pieza. They make T-shirts and other stuff there, and so we thought we use the occasion for a Seriografía-concert happening. You can bring your T-shirt, underwear or whatever to the concert, and we will print our logo on it while we play. Is that fantastic? Yes it is, and it's free. Address: Calle Verdi, 56, time 8 pm - 10 pm. Come and have fun. See below our three designs that might be available:

The logo of our brand new concept called Uebersteuertes Selbstbewusstsein

The Turroborro

Our logo with the eye of Fátimarsten

Friday, 20 March 2009

Convent Sant Agustí "BCN Nous Sons" fotos

Tea Guarascio did again great fotos from the Convent Sant Agustí concert, where we had a wonderful audience with a lot of friends and friends of our friends. really good vibrations we all imagined in this old beautiful hall. we want to thank Cristobal from equipo for oranizing this event and the whole tecnical equipo from the convent, they really did a super job!
Dr. Tikov and Taxlo also filmed the whole concert, we are curious about the first footages in some days...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Friday 13.03.2008 BCN NOUS SONS

Next concert: We play in the beautiful Convent San Agustí, in the Borne in Barcelona. On friday the 13th, uhhhh. Free admission, and together with "All together now", a Barcelona supergroup formed by members of Jahbitat, equipo and Chupaconcha. We start at 21 hs, they start at 22hs. So better be there on time!

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Paul has won a sounddesign contest! The Selector Contest from Puremagnetik, a company that delivers samples, sounds and content for sequencers and samplers as Ableton Live, Reason or Kontakt. Paul made some interesting drum-racks for ableton with a couple of their samples and won the first prize!

Great fotos from our last show

Tea Guarascio made some great fotos last tuesday, see all of them here in her myspace! If you, dear reader, should have any fotos or videos from our concerts, we would be so happy to see them - just send us a mail to institutfatima (ät) gmail (dot) com.

We teach!

You would like to learn how to convert your laptopcomputer into a musical robot that makes music with his eye? You want to shake your arms and the music goes wild? We will show you how!
Institut FATIMA is giving a free workshop next month in the Barcelona Civic Centre PuntMultimedia (where we just played, see post below). We are going to give a introduction into reacTIVision and OSCulator, two applications that we use to remotely control the sound and music during our shows. reacTIVision is the tracking engine of the famous reacTable, invented at the Barcelona University Pompeu Fabra. With Institut FATIMA we have explored some of the many possibilities to use that application. We used it for an interactive instllation we once showed at the Sonar Festival, we used it for some funny instruments we built ourselves (the reacBall for example), and we use it during concerts to trigger stuff.
OSCulator is a program written by french programmer and musician Camille Trouillard that allows to convert messages from all kinds of controllers into MIDI. It's a great tool when you want to use gamecontrollers as the WIImote to control your music. We found some clever ways to integrate it into an Ableton-Live-Set.
All of this will be presented, explained and demonstrated on 28th of march at the Puntmultimedia, in the middle of the beautiful little park beside the Sants-TRainstation. . And after the workshop there will be a gathering of brazilian DJs and VJs. If you want to come, check out all infos here and write a mail for inscription to

And for everyone interested in an introduction into ableton live: We do that again on three tuesday afternoons at the NIU - check out here.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Next concert: 17.02.2009 BCN Visualsound

We will be playing as top act on the opening night of the BCN Visualsound-Festival. On 17th of february at the Parque Industrial (Estación Sants) in Barcelona. Find more details here: . With us there will be a presentation of the Tenori-On, of the reactable and of the laser installation Aurora. Looks interesting. The whole festival starts at 19.00 hs, we will play at 21:30 hs. See you there!

here is the map and the direction:
Carrer de Lluís Muntadas, 5, 08014, Barcelona

Größere Kartenansicht

Monday, 2 February 2009

25-01-2009 PVC Club

Sunday afternoon, rocking the afterhours in the PVC club. What a pity - this venue will not exist any longer. They were located in a backyard-warehouse behind the Fira Montjuic. A really nice spot, something that you don't see too often in Barcelona. We played a energy-laden tekno-set. Fantastic response from the audience. Thank you Annette for sending the two fotos below!