Saturday, 27 September 2008

02.10.08 :: Tips, trips y trucos en el NIU

Next thursday, 02.10.2008, we do an open workshop at the NIU in Barcelona. Idea is to meet people who have attended our ableton-live-workshops and everybody else interested in producing with live, just to show some tricks, discuss issues and do some music. Come and play! The event starts at 18 hs and the entrance is free. Address is Calle Almogavers, 208, Metro Llacuna.

Monday, 22 September 2008

19.09.2008 La noche de las dudas

Festa de Poble Nou, what a strange night. Because of the rain our concert got canceled, then again Josan who had invited us told us that we would play a little bit later, then it was too late already, and in the end we played. But in the meantime we went to a different party, saw the end of the fantastic Meneo-concert, then the rather strange Chicks on speed doing a noisy set with trigger-enabled-fashion and high-heel-string instruments. In the meantime phoning to our stage, we play, we don't play, canceling Marti who was at a different palce, then inviting him again. Lots of confusion. In the end we got to the our stage again and saw a electric Rumba band palying. After them we finally should do the concert. 2.30 in the morning. No time for setting up the machines, just throwing everything on the table and start to play. During the first two or three songs Marti was still setting up the videoprojection. And only a few people as audience, but nearly everybody danced! We played only the faster songs, and after 45 minutes it was over. Everybody smiled, a last drink and the night was done. Thank you to everyone who was there!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Friday, 12 September 2008

In the Slamklamfestival (1)

Salam, muy amigos. This is one of our announcements for the concert at the Slam&Klam festival
. Thanks to our friend Yunnez from BCN who recorded all the stuff with us.

On the road in Marokko

Our driver - Casablanca-Fès in 4 hours on the motorway.

The road was empty, the air full of smoke and the landscape a dessert under the nearly full moon. After falling asleep in the car we suddenly woke up at a restaurant for the meatbreak:

Meatbreak at midnight

Dozens of corpses hanging for the happy consumption. Many men eating, playing cards, not one drinks alcohol. We had an orange juice and listened to the beats of a party beneath.

Shopping in the Medina

Next day, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. On our way to find a ball for the reacTIVision-controllerism-manoeuvres we crossed some great stores in the medina. We have to go back again tomorrow, lots of shops were closed. But we got the ball and some great smelling superglue to attach the fiducial-symbols to it. And we found a tooth-store, so next year tooth-to-midi?

Our stage tonight

At two o'clock we arrived for the soundcheck, but now at 6 they still have no electricity, so we are back in the hotel blogging ... more tomorrow after our concert.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Video from the Caixa forum concerts

2 magic concerts recorded in August 2008. The first one on 6.8.08 at the Caixaforum Barcelona in a great venue, the first time with our new "wiij" Marti Sanchez (, really great visuals, but the sound of the video did not record, what a pity, seems to be something esoteric or some kind of descontrol! The second concert was in the Caixaforum Madrid togehter with David Apfel ( who is a spaceship and there we had the best feedback from the audience so far. This time we recorded good sound, but the video was shot on a trashy photocamera. We mashed up the videos. Enjoy it!

Friday, 5 September 2008

19.09.2008 Festa Mayor de Poble Nou

September is the month with two big fiestas in Barcelona, and we will play on one of them, la Festa Mayor de Poble Nou. Friday night at 1 am, more or less.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

11.09.2008 Fès, Marrocco

Next stop Fès, Marocco! We will play at the Slam & Klam Festival. This year they celebrate the second edition of this festival that is dedicated to HipHop, poetry, electronic music and digital arts (at least that is what we have been told).
We will play a concert and as well give a workshop on our techniques for live sampling and controling our sequencers with Wiimotes and cameras. We are looking forward to get to know people from down there, getting to know new music and to learn about Klam - which is a kind of poetry and spoken word improvisation from Marrocco. If you happen to be in Marrocco come to see us on the 11th of September in Fès!!