Wednesday, 28 May 2008

FATIMA, kids and smokers

Festa de maig in Poble Nou again

09.05.2008 Music and science en el CCCB

On the 9th of may we played the CCCB - the same place were I have seen the most earshaking concerts of my live: Pan Sonic on Sonar a couple of years ago, and Sunn O)))) last year. We got invited to play together with Oval. Oval is Markus Popp who then again is a firend of firends of my youth in Darmstadt. And the other act on this night, part of the mp7 concert series, was Martin Kaltenbrunner with his reactable. An all german-speaking line up, hehe.
Martin started the night with a presentation of his buzzingsqueekingfeeping table-instrument. After this rather serious, academic part of the night Oval played. Markus Popp had brought two laptops and dropped abstract noises and beats. A camera would film from behind, and to our surprise there wasn't much magic going on - no custom software, no unseen tools, just him dropping samples and audiofiles, like a DJ. I for sure had expected something more sophisticated, as Oval is considered as inventors of the Glitch-genre. Maybe his art doesn't translate so well into live concerts.
After this the audience had the chance to play with the reactable while we would set up our eqipment on stage. We had Frank Rudow as a guest with his nord-lead-synthesizer, and David Apfel as guest who would present his latest discoveries about neuroscience and virtual worlds and show accompying slides. We played a couple of songs in between. The audience liked it (I believe), and to our own satisfaction we heard that Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten was there and seemed to enjoy it as well.
Here a link to another blog with a review of the event.
Fotos and some videofootage might follow.

Monday, 5 May 2008

02.05.2008 Exorzierexzesse in Satan Monica

This was our concierto of the proyecto. Below some fotos from Georgina, our vigilante in the musem, and Juan Alonso Fernández.