Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wii-Osculator - a whole lot of shaking going on

Mr. Kevin Brady remixing an Institut FATIMA-track by waving his extraordinary skillful arms

Since a couple of moths we are using the wiimote a lot. This remote game-controller gives you for cheap three sensors for measuring acceleration-data in the three dimensions of space, that are submitted via bluetooth to our computers. There the data gets converted first into OSC and then into the midi-format. In the video above you can see one of the possible uses of all that.

All of this would not have been so easy to realize without OSCulator, a wonderful piece of software that allows to convert all kind of data inputs (gamepads, wiimotes, reacTIVision and many more) to midi or keystrokes. The developer Camille is a very kind and helpful person - we had contacted him once regarding some issues with reactivision and he updated his software for us immedeatly!
He opened a forum on his web now ( - definetly worth checking out if you want to learn that stuff!!