Saturday, 20 December 2008

Eschbazzio remixes

So we had made this song inspired by Semolina Matic. It's called "En mi Eschbazzio" and is about those places where people act with passion and power in arts and culture. Inspired by Semolina's powerful speech on the "Puto Encuentro" we improvised this song together. So we had this scetch of it on our laptops that we never finished, but one day we had the chance to record some voices for the chorus. After a couple of months we edited it, and got a half-backen final version of it. The other day we played it to some people at the NIU, and now Jordi aka Deep Fried or Dwight Fried or D-fright has made two very nice remixes, here they are:

Dancefloor Version:

Dubby Dark Version:

And here is the original song: