Friday, 12 September 2008

In the Slamklamfestival (1)

Salam, muy amigos. This is one of our announcements for the concert at the Slam&Klam festival
. Thanks to our friend Yunnez from BCN who recorded all the stuff with us.

On the road in Marokko

Our driver - Casablanca-Fès in 4 hours on the motorway.

The road was empty, the air full of smoke and the landscape a dessert under the nearly full moon. After falling asleep in the car we suddenly woke up at a restaurant for the meatbreak:

Meatbreak at midnight

Dozens of corpses hanging for the happy consumption. Many men eating, playing cards, not one drinks alcohol. We had an orange juice and listened to the beats of a party beneath.

Shopping in the Medina

Next day, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. On our way to find a ball for the reacTIVision-controllerism-manoeuvres we crossed some great stores in the medina. We have to go back again tomorrow, lots of shops were closed. But we got the ball and some great smelling superglue to attach the fiducial-symbols to it. And we found a tooth-store, so next year tooth-to-midi?

Our stage tonight

At two o'clock we arrived for the soundcheck, but now at 6 they still have no electricity, so we are back in the hotel blogging ... more tomorrow after our concert.