Monday, 22 September 2008

19.09.2008 La noche de las dudas

Festa de Poble Nou, what a strange night. Because of the rain our concert got canceled, then again Josan who had invited us told us that we would play a little bit later, then it was too late already, and in the end we played. But in the meantime we went to a different party, saw the end of the fantastic Meneo-concert, then the rather strange Chicks on speed doing a noisy set with trigger-enabled-fashion and high-heel-string instruments. In the meantime phoning to our stage, we play, we don't play, canceling Marti who was at a different palce, then inviting him again. Lots of confusion. In the end we got to the our stage again and saw a electric Rumba band palying. After them we finally should do the concert. 2.30 in the morning. No time for setting up the machines, just throwing everything on the table and start to play. During the first two or three songs Marti was still setting up the videoprojection. And only a few people as audience, but nearly everybody danced! We played only the faster songs, and after 45 minutes it was over. Everybody smiled, a last drink and the night was done. Thank you to everyone who was there!