Thursday, 6 March 2008

08/03/2008: Neuroscience and spaceships

This saturday we will play another concert at the NIU - but this time we invited David Apfel, the famous fantastic founder of El club de los Astronautas. He will give a presentation about how he will achieve space-travelling by the means of neuroscience. Heavy stuff, but definetely something everyone should know of. With David we already did lots of events and colaborations. He is the author of the lyrics of "Imposible" and "Muy Chungo" (listen to both songs on our myspace-page) and together with Paul he performed on various stages in spain with El Club de los Astronauts. This saturday he will start his presentation at 8:30 pm in our favourite gallery NIU, afterwards we will play new versions of all our songs related to Sci-Fi, Hi-fi and Low-fi, Brei-Fi and No-Fi.