Wednesday, 27 February 2008

La versión de "La perversion"

First attempt in creative abuse of creative commons. Our curator Oscar Abril Ascaso has published a serie of songs with his band OAA+SaLA (Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra avec Les Autres), all under a creative commons licence that allows to use the material for derivative work. "Ok, let's go!" we thought, and made a remix of one of their tracks. We used the liner-notes of the track "La perversion" from the band's website, translated them into german and put them over some spliced and diced samples from the original track. Selbstreferenz at it's best, as we have lyrics explaining that a sadist pervert would be someone who is putting himself into the place of the other, thus creating IMMANENZ. What else is a remix? The original track from OAA+SaLA can be found here, our version can be heard and downloaded here. (Foto: Oscar Abril Ascaso and Sedcontra studying)