Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wii-Osculator - a whole lot of shaking going on

Mr. Kevin Brady remixing an Institut FATIMA-track by waving his extraordinary skillful arms

Since a couple of moths we are using the wiimote a lot. This remote game-controller gives you for cheap three sensors for measuring acceleration-data in the three dimensions of space, that are submitted via bluetooth to our computers. There the data gets converted first into OSC and then into the midi-format. In the video above you can see one of the possible uses of all that.

All of this would not have been so easy to realize without OSCulator, a wonderful piece of software that allows to convert all kind of data inputs (gamepads, wiimotes, reacTIVision and many more) to midi or keystrokes. The developer Camille is a very kind and helpful person - we had contacted him once regarding some issues with reactivision and he updated his software for us immedeatly!
He opened a forum on his web now ( - definetly worth checking out if you want to learn that stuff!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Eschbazzio remixes

So we had made this song inspired by Semolina Matic. It's called "En mi Eschbazzio" and is about those places where people act with passion and power in arts and culture. Inspired by Semolina's powerful speech on the "Puto Encuentro" we improvised this song together. So we had this scetch of it on our laptops that we never finished, but one day we had the chance to record some voices for the chorus. After a couple of months we edited it, and got a half-backen final version of it. The other day we played it to some people at the NIU, and now Jordi aka Deep Fried or Dwight Fried or D-fright has made two very nice remixes, here they are:

Dancefloor Version:

Dubby Dark Version:

And here is the original song:

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Bye bye Hangar

Here is the last foto from our studio at the Hangar. Note the wireless artist and the angel. Now we moved into a nice new place that we share with Miguel Marin/Arbol. First fotos and music soon here.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

foto from mataro

Institut Fàtima
Institut Fàtima,
originally uploaded by raulroncero.
just found this foto from our concert in can xalant ...

Some new recordings, one note tracks

We have some music up on soundcloud, a music-sharing website: Lately we did some conceptual stuff, as composing a tune without actually composing music, but setting up rules in the arpeggiator. we start with just one note that is holding, and give instructions to the computer to play patterns based on this note. This is fun, and sometimes nice music. Here are three of those pieces:

Thursday, 20 November 2008

This year so far

OK, it's quite early for a review of 2008, but I just made a short list of music that we produced this year:

Suma Fatima - In a Garden


Die Bäume

(Hit the) Wall of Sound

En mi Eschbazzio

Comanche Fatima - I can't get me no nothing

Attraktiver Junge

I am the Kapital

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Saturday, 27 September 2008

02.10.08 :: Tips, trips y trucos en el NIU

Next thursday, 02.10.2008, we do an open workshop at the NIU in Barcelona. Idea is to meet people who have attended our ableton-live-workshops and everybody else interested in producing with live, just to show some tricks, discuss issues and do some music. Come and play! The event starts at 18 hs and the entrance is free. Address is Calle Almogavers, 208, Metro Llacuna.

Monday, 22 September 2008

19.09.2008 La noche de las dudas

Festa de Poble Nou, what a strange night. Because of the rain our concert got canceled, then again Josan who had invited us told us that we would play a little bit later, then it was too late already, and in the end we played. But in the meantime we went to a different party, saw the end of the fantastic Meneo-concert, then the rather strange Chicks on speed doing a noisy set with trigger-enabled-fashion and high-heel-string instruments. In the meantime phoning to our stage, we play, we don't play, canceling Marti who was at a different palce, then inviting him again. Lots of confusion. In the end we got to the our stage again and saw a electric Rumba band palying. After them we finally should do the concert. 2.30 in the morning. No time for setting up the machines, just throwing everything on the table and start to play. During the first two or three songs Marti was still setting up the videoprojection. And only a few people as audience, but nearly everybody danced! We played only the faster songs, and after 45 minutes it was over. Everybody smiled, a last drink and the night was done. Thank you to everyone who was there!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Friday, 12 September 2008

In the Slamklamfestival (1)

Salam, muy amigos. This is one of our announcements for the concert at the Slam&Klam festival
. Thanks to our friend Yunnez from BCN who recorded all the stuff with us.

On the road in Marokko

Our driver - Casablanca-Fès in 4 hours on the motorway.

The road was empty, the air full of smoke and the landscape a dessert under the nearly full moon. After falling asleep in the car we suddenly woke up at a restaurant for the meatbreak:

Meatbreak at midnight

Dozens of corpses hanging for the happy consumption. Many men eating, playing cards, not one drinks alcohol. We had an orange juice and listened to the beats of a party beneath.

Shopping in the Medina

Next day, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. On our way to find a ball for the reacTIVision-controllerism-manoeuvres we crossed some great stores in the medina. We have to go back again tomorrow, lots of shops were closed. But we got the ball and some great smelling superglue to attach the fiducial-symbols to it. And we found a tooth-store, so next year tooth-to-midi?

Our stage tonight

At two o'clock we arrived for the soundcheck, but now at 6 they still have no electricity, so we are back in the hotel blogging ... more tomorrow after our concert.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Video from the Caixa forum concerts

2 magic concerts recorded in August 2008. The first one on 6.8.08 at the Caixaforum Barcelona in a great venue, the first time with our new "wiij" Marti Sanchez (, really great visuals, but the sound of the video did not record, what a pity, seems to be something esoteric or some kind of descontrol! The second concert was in the Caixaforum Madrid togehter with David Apfel ( who is a spaceship and there we had the best feedback from the audience so far. This time we recorded good sound, but the video was shot on a trashy photocamera. We mashed up the videos. Enjoy it!

Friday, 5 September 2008

19.09.2008 Festa Mayor de Poble Nou

September is the month with two big fiestas in Barcelona, and we will play on one of them, la Festa Mayor de Poble Nou. Friday night at 1 am, more or less.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

11.09.2008 Fès, Marrocco

Next stop Fès, Marocco! We will play at the Slam & Klam Festival. This year they celebrate the second edition of this festival that is dedicated to HipHop, poetry, electronic music and digital arts (at least that is what we have been told).
We will play a concert and as well give a workshop on our techniques for live sampling and controling our sequencers with Wiimotes and cameras. We are looking forward to get to know people from down there, getting to know new music and to learn about Klam - which is a kind of poetry and spoken word improvisation from Marrocco. If you happen to be in Marrocco come to see us on the 11th of September in Fès!!

Monday, 25 August 2008

21.08.2008 Madrid!

First time in Madrid! We played at the new Caixa-Forum, a museum on the Paseo de Prado, right in the middle of town. This time again with David Apfel, doing speech on "Impossible", dancing on "Muy chungo/Jabon Jabon" and giving a presentation on perspectives for a longer life by biotechnology and drugs. The audience was astonished. We made lots of fans apparently, more than sixty people signed up for our newsletter after the show!
We stayed in Madrid for the weekend, and have seen futuristic lifeforms by Theo Janssen and more incredible stuff at a digital arts exhibition at the Reina Sophia-museum, ate some broken eggs, had some tinto de verano, got to know the city etc.
Hope we will come back soon!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

6.8.2008 Caixaforum Barcelona

A huge stage in front of the museum Caixaforum, a beautiful summer night. We had one of our biggest and probably best concerts this year. This time again with Marti Sanchez who did some great visuals. This was the first time we played with a setlist and knew which songs we will play in which order. And it worked out fine. The audience was very nice, very mixed, as some originally came for a Flamenco concert in the Auditorium, but then stayed for our show as well.

(Fotos: Jean Benoit Kauffmann. Merci!!)

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

FATIMA, kids and smokers

Festa de maig in Poble Nou again

09.05.2008 Music and science en el CCCB

On the 9th of may we played the CCCB - the same place were I have seen the most earshaking concerts of my live: Pan Sonic on Sonar a couple of years ago, and Sunn O)))) last year. We got invited to play together with Oval. Oval is Markus Popp who then again is a firend of firends of my youth in Darmstadt. And the other act on this night, part of the mp7 concert series, was Martin Kaltenbrunner with his reactable. An all german-speaking line up, hehe.
Martin started the night with a presentation of his buzzingsqueekingfeeping table-instrument. After this rather serious, academic part of the night Oval played. Markus Popp had brought two laptops and dropped abstract noises and beats. A camera would film from behind, and to our surprise there wasn't much magic going on - no custom software, no unseen tools, just him dropping samples and audiofiles, like a DJ. I for sure had expected something more sophisticated, as Oval is considered as inventors of the Glitch-genre. Maybe his art doesn't translate so well into live concerts.
After this the audience had the chance to play with the reactable while we would set up our eqipment on stage. We had Frank Rudow as a guest with his nord-lead-synthesizer, and David Apfel as guest who would present his latest discoveries about neuroscience and virtual worlds and show accompying slides. We played a couple of songs in between. The audience liked it (I believe), and to our own satisfaction we heard that Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten was there and seemed to enjoy it as well.
Here a link to another blog with a review of the event.
Fotos and some videofootage might follow.

Monday, 5 May 2008

02.05.2008 Exorzierexzesse in Satan Monica

This was our concierto of the proyecto. Below some fotos from Georgina, our vigilante in the musem, and Juan Alonso Fernández.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

feedback interview

while the audience was playing with our installation we did an interview with the video team of the transmediale in the "Schwangeren Auster". we just started to talk and everything went out of control...try this at home!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Video de Santa Monica

In this video you can see us together with Frank Rudow preparing the concert mentioned in another posting below, followed by a short sequence of our new song "(Vor unsrem Fenster da schneiden sie die) Träume"(listen to a demoversion on our drop-page).
Then there are two other groups that are also participating in the Santa Monica project. I need to learn more about "Internet 2" - they also do artistic projects under the name "Comte D'Urgell" and apparently once did a performance were they dressed as a wall, cutting streets in Gracia! The video is from scanner fm, more videos from the Santa Monica project can be found on their site.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

08/03/2008: Neuroscience and spaceships

This saturday we will play another concert at the NIU - but this time we invited David Apfel, the famous fantastic founder of El club de los Astronautas. He will give a presentation about how he will achieve space-travelling by the means of neuroscience. Heavy stuff, but definetely something everyone should know of. With David we already did lots of events and colaborations. He is the author of the lyrics of "Imposible" and "Muy Chungo" (listen to both songs on our myspace-page) and together with Paul he performed on various stages in spain with El Club de los Astronauts. This saturday he will start his presentation at 8:30 pm in our favourite gallery NIU, afterwards we will play new versions of all our songs related to Sci-Fi, Hi-fi and Low-fi, Brei-Fi and No-Fi.

Suma & Fatima - In a garden

Today we played a improvisation set with our long time friend Frank Rudow - who recently moved to Barcelona and is working here with his new project Suma. He had been invited to make music on a event organized by friends, and he invited us to play together with him. The event took place in a kind of greenhouse and we played ambient music for the invited guests between plants and a surreal exposition. Frank used stones, leaves, flowerpods and found objects for percussion, we played on two laptops, sampling his noises. On our drop-page you can listen to the last 11 minutes of the one and a half hour long improvised ambient set we played.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

La versión de "La perversion"

First attempt in creative abuse of creative commons. Our curator Oscar Abril Ascaso has published a serie of songs with his band OAA+SaLA (Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra avec Les Autres), all under a creative commons licence that allows to use the material for derivative work. "Ok, let's go!" we thought, and made a remix of one of their tracks. We used the liner-notes of the track "La perversion" from the band's website, translated them into german and put them over some spliced and diced samples from the original track. Selbstreferenz at it's best, as we have lyrics explaining that a sadist pervert would be someone who is putting himself into the place of the other, thus creating IMMANENZ. What else is a remix? The original track from OAA+SaLA can be found here, our version can be heard and downloaded here. (Foto: Oscar Abril Ascaso and Sedcontra studying)

Expopo, 1rst of march 2008

We will play a little improvisation set at the Expopo - a one day exhibition of our artist friends webportal Guapopo . The location is a huge flat in the Eixample. The idea is to have people make the sound of the artpieces exhibited, and then use these soundbytes to compose little pieces of music. Hmmm, if that works?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

We are in "TimeOut"

We have been featured in the Time Out (Barcelona edition)!

In the museum Santa Monica

We have been invited to take part in a projectin the museum Santa Monica: 14 bands will rehearse in a wooden box in the central hall of the museum during the next three months. The outcome will be published under creative commons licences. We will have two slots, tuesdays and thursdays from 4 until 6 in the afternoon - and you can come and visit us. We still don't know exactly how the whole process will be, but we are looking forward to make some Rampampam!
We will for sure record a lot and try to put as much stuff online as possible!
Here is the myspace from the project.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Videos from the performance at transmediale

On sunday, 3rd of february 08, we made three performances at the transmediale-festival in Berlin. Now the first videos have been posted on youtube:

you can see more videos here, and here and a very special one here .

Monday, 28 January 2008

Foto-love-story about IFATIMA in BCN.urb

Institut FATIMA has been featured in the fotonovela-magazine BCN.urb, published by our beloved ayuntamiento (General Itat). We managed to fill in some last corrections into the text, so have a look at it and compare the german and the catalan texts. The magazine is available for free at numerous places in Barcelona and features among others Sonia Gomez .

Download a full pdf-preview of the fotonovela here.