Saturday, 29 December 2007

03.02.2007: Berlin Transmediale

Hurrah! We will play at the festival transmediale in Berlin. The event will take place at the Haus der Kulturen, sunday 3rd of february, 3pm. We will do 3 or 4 interventions with reactivision and big symbols in the hands of the audience. Here our page on the festival's web.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

21.10.2007 Improtronica session Nr. 6 - Festival Tardor Poble Nou

We play the next Improtronica Session, this time without invited musicians. Lots of people at the NIU, as the event is part of a bigger festival (Escena Poble Nou).
Bad luck, as we start the concert one of the computers doesn't boot anymore. No battery left. Also the reacTIVision part of the set up doesn't really work so fine. But then again people just find it funny and entertaining to see us struggle with the machines. And we have very nice visuals by Margot van Ham, including live cam and some material we had prepared at home some night before the concert. Video and audio-recordings of the event exist (and might be posted here soon)

20.09.2007 Cabaret Hoffmann, Gracia BCN

Beautiful small venue. We got invited because another band had to cancel and proposed us to play. Nice!! Actually the concert is part of the LEM-festival somehow - and we always wanted to play on the LEM, so now we have made it!
We let someone from the audience sing a song. Some bizarre descontrolled accidents happen. In the middle of "Mamasita" we have suddenly a very strange singing/effect-part that came out of nothing because of badly prepared set up. All beats stop and only some strange echoes continue to sound while we sing the chorus. Surprise. We smile and all people laugh about it. We feel lucky!

??.09.2007 Poble Nou

Event in an abandoned factory in the neighbourhood. N'Sista playing after us. Very nice location, a spity that the place will be closed and torn down soon. We play mainly the "Chimeneas 22@"-set, but this time with quite different dynamics, different ending, more technoish.

29.07.2007 Improtronica Session

Improtronica session number 5 (yes, there were two secret ones ...). This time we had Hermes form the audiovisual collective Telenoika and Cristóbal Saavedra aka Equipo with us. We also had some VJs from Telenoika invited, but they didn't show up. So we plugged in a camera, and gave it into the hands of the audience. They did a great job!!

Here the recording of it.

28.07.2007 Chiringuito Montalt

Concert in a Chiringuito on the beach. Beautiful setting, a recording of some parts of the concert exists. Beautiful flyer and posters made by the promoter - who was happy because it was the last event he had organized and according to him it was the most successful one for him.

27.07.2007 Funambul

What a pity that we don't have a recording of this concert. The Funambul is a little bar in Hospitalet with a tiny stage. Although there were only very few people at the concert we played a very nice set, sang in tune, made some beautiful improvisations and the machines worked fine. We also had some bizarre visuals by Raff, a friend from belgium.

25.07.2007 Campus Party Valencia

The Campus Party is a big gathering of people with computers, held yearly in Valencia. We played at the stand of EP3, a magazine published each friday in spanish's biggest diary El Pais. Here a video with a part of our performance. It was the first time that we used big symbols and gave them to the audience during the concert.

06.07.2007 Reactive Party by Cambio de Formato

Again a cooking concert with Frank Rudow. We had been invited from the people that do the "Cambia de formato"-blog to play on their party in the "Oven". Here you can hear a recording of the concert.

28.06.2007 Nit del Cosmocaixa

Invited by radio Scanner FM we did a show at Barcelona's science museum Cosmocaixa. See Carsten play the invisible piano:

20.06.2007 Radio Paca

During the festivities of the 10 years anniversary of the artists space Hangar, we made a live set on Radio Paca. Here are the recordings (and some more here), here are some more fotos from that day.

14.-16.06.2007 Sonar

On the 2007 edition of the Sonar festival we had been invited to put up our installation "Everybody can be wireless artist". Below video shows it all.

20.05.2007 Fiesta Poble Nou

On the fiesta of Carsten's Neighbourhood we put up again a little installation and let people play with it. Surprising results, little kids were making very good ambient music. Here on the street we built some of the reactivision-instruments that we use up until today.

12.05.2007 Multimedia-festival OFFF BCN

We had been invited to the OFFF at the CCCB to give a presentation about our experiments with reacTIVision. We showed some videos, explained our thoughts on creativity and descontrol, showed a Sun Ra video and made a little live set, including our friend David Apfel, who performed his Manifest from El Club de Los Astronautas.
Later we put up a little installation in the patio of the CCCB, and let people play with reacTIVision and our music.

06.05.2007 BCN Improtronica Sessions 2

Collectively improvised electronic music with chicken curry. Our first concert with Frank Rudow (Manta Ray, La Jr., Suma) as drummer and cook. He prepared a superb chicken curry while playing with us. The cooking has been recorded and sampled live, some onion-cutting-percussion from this day is part of our main sample library now. Also on stage with us: DJ Shakira Benavides aka Lucius works here, Jordi Saludes aka D-fried and Miguel Marin aka Arbol. A recording of the show can be heard on the Radio PIU website.

17.03.2007 "Chimeneas 22@" at Miscelänea

As part of the "Puto Encuentro"-festival we got invited to play at the club miscelanëa. we played the "chimeneas 22@"-show , again together with Agustin and Li. On this event Carsten used the reacTIVision for the first time live. He was triggering the complete intro-part of the show with papercards and and his webcam.

There is a little website about the event on the miscelänea-web. An audio-recording of the event exists.

10.03.2007 Live Improvisation Barca-Madrid

1st show under the name Institut FATIMA. we did a live-remix of the soccer-match Barcelona-Madrid. Visual artist Pixel did the video-remix, we did the sound. A recording exists, but is not available on the web.

18.02.2007 BCN Improtronica Session 1

1st of a serie of collective improvisation concerts at the NIU. Invited artist was Miguel Marina aka "Arbol". The concert was streamed live over the internet and you can listen to it at the Radio PIU homepage .

19.01.2007 Live remixing Escosesa

DJaying as "Coni Eilend & Pepe Zabala". No recording exists.

20.01.2007 Bar Absenta, Barceloneta

Brassens-remix evening with a performance of "chimeneas 22@"

09.12.2006 Trijayteam Wireless Artist

Institut FATIMA djaying with two laptops. Recording of this event exists.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

05.12.2006 "Chimeneas 22@"

Centre d´Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, with Agustín Claría (singing), and Li Zompantli (Video). The show is a conceptual work about the urban changes in the Poble Nou neighbourhood in Barcelona. The music has been built around Agustín Claria´s song "Poble Nou"

12.10.2006 "Wireless artist remixes George Brassens"

WIRELESS ARTIST REMIXES GEORGE BRASSENS is a project born in summer 2006, when we were asked to remix the songs of George Brassens for a little festival that took place in Barcelona in october 2006. We did a colaborative live-remixing of some chansons selected beforehand. The concert took place on the 12th of october and was around 50 minutes long. The people in the audience enjoyed it a lot. Here on myspace you can hear four little excerpts from what was going on. WIRELESS ARTIST would like to say thank you to Eric Carpentier who organized the festival and gave us a chance to try something that was absolutely new to us: Remixing chansons from the 60s.

Recordings of the concert have been posted on myspace:

There is also a little video of the show on this myspace-page