Tuesday, 25 December 2007

12.10.2006 "Wireless artist remixes George Brassens"

WIRELESS ARTIST REMIXES GEORGE BRASSENS is a project born in summer 2006, when we were asked to remix the songs of George Brassens for a little festival that took place in Barcelona in october 2006. We did a colaborative live-remixing of some chansons selected beforehand. The concert took place on the 12th of october and was around 50 minutes long. The people in the audience enjoyed it a lot. Here on myspace you can hear four little excerpts from what was going on. WIRELESS ARTIST would like to say thank you to Eric Carpentier who organized the festival and gave us a chance to try something that was absolutely new to us: Remixing chansons from the 60s.

Recordings of the concert have been posted on myspace: myspace.com/wirelessartistremixesgeorgebrassens

There is also a little video of the show on this myspace-page